Sona Morphun Junior 200

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Morphun Junior 200 Learning Blocks are specially made for educational use. Unlike other blocks in the market, they are not just toys to play with, they are learning blocks. The pack comprises of 200pcs of assorted shapes & colours of blocks and comes with an instruction book for the teachers. The DOUBLE GOLD award winning Morphun Junior Sets have the unique side-joining feature built into both square and triangular bricks. Sets include long connecting pieces and direction changers as well as wheel and axels. Morphun Junior sets already make far more models and shapes than competitor sets but with far fewer pieces. Some of Morphun’s benefits for early learners

  • Develop children’s fine manipulative skills and hand eye co-ordination
  • Allow children to explore flexibility of form and movement.
  • Develop children’s social, communication, teamwork and ways of working skills by providing opportunities for children to work together in teams and share their ideas.
  • Develop both generic and specific problem solving skills.


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