Renewable Energy Monitor

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The Renewable Energy Monitor provides an immediate, graphical way for recording data directly- with no formulas and nothing to calculate. Numerous experiments and evaluation activities for hydrogen fuel cells, miniature wind turbine kits, and solar panels will now be quantifiable in real time for voltage, current, power, joules, resistance, and even RPM speed.
The Horizon Energy Monitor is an educational evaluation monitoring device with measurement software for graphical display of performance characteristics on your PC. It offers a 2 line LCD screen for viewing measurements that you cycle through at the push of a button. It is designed as an accessory for all kits, useful in experiments carried out on the experiment manual.

Kit Contents

  • Energy Monitor (Data Logging  Hardware) with LCD readout  screen
  • LCD screen shows: voltage (V,mV),  current (A, mA), power (W, mW),  RPM speed, resistance (Ohm),  energy(joules)
  • USB cable – 1 meter length
  • CD-ROM with Horizon Data  Acquisition software
  • CD-ROM with complete renewable  energy curriculum
  • Flexible 2mm banana connecting  leads for connecting to Horizon  devices


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